Au Pair in Neuseeland - Unsere Partneragentur

Dream Au Pair findet für euch eure Gastfamilien in Neuseeland.

Heute stellen wir euch unsere neuseeländische Partneragentur vor: Dream Au Pair. Gegründet wurde Dream Au Pair 2006 von Tanya Burrage. Tanya startete als Ein-Frau-Agentur, arbeitete vom Küchentisch aus mit drei eigenen Kindern unter 3 Jahren. Heute ist Dream Au Pair die größte privatgeführte Au Pair Agentur in Neuseeland mit 12 Mitarbeitern und Büros in Wellington und Auckland. Wir haben Tanya ein paar Fragen gestellt, die sie uns offen beantwortet hat.

Wie kommst du in die Au Pair Branche?

I wanted an Au Pair for my own family and there was no Au Pair agency in NZ. I found my first German Au Pair through an agency in Australia. My background is accounting, business, recruitment and HR so I knew I could set up Dream Au Pair and do it well.

Was gefällt dir an deiner Arbeit am besten?

The people!

My team at Dream Au Pair are like family, we laugh together and all really care for each other. Our Host Families welcome the Au Pairs into their homes and love meeting girls from around the world and learning about their cultures. The Au Pairs come to NZ and have a year they will never forget. Almost all of them want to stay forever. I love hearing about all the successful placements for families and Au Pairs.

Gibt es auch Schattenseiten?

It is difficult when a placement does not go as well as expected. We spend a lot of time and effort managing the expectations of the families and the au pairs and sometimes it is just not a good match.

Was denkst du über deutsche Au Pairs?

Organised, structured, good English language skills.

Was macht eine gute Au Pair Bewerbung aus?

Applicants who are flexible are the easiest to place, ie not vegetarian, likes animals, happy to be with single parent etc. Families especially like to know that the Au Pairs love children and enjoy playing with them. Photos of the Au Pair playing with kids and doing fun things with them. If an AP plays an instrument it’s great if they offer to show or teach the kids.

We often hear from families that they were disappointed that the only questions the Au Pair asked in the skype interview were about holidays and use of a car for personal use. Families love it when Au Pairs ask about the children and their routines, favourite games, friends, favourite foods, likes and dislikes.

Was bietet ihr easy abroad Bewerbern?

  • 2- day Orientation upon arrival into NZ (child first aid course, phone sim card, tax number, 18+ card, theoretical driving lesson, meeting other Au Pairs and the Dream Team)
  • Weekly Play Groups run by a qualified early childhood teacher
  • A qualified early childhood teacher will visit you in your home each month (if you have preschool children)
  • Regular organised outings for children and AP’s (Zoo, Library’s, Playgrounds, museums etc)
  • Monthly training in our offices about Maori culture, how to have fun with kids, etc
  • A large network of other au pairs to make friends with
  • Travel discounts for Stray Travel and Student Trips for all Dream Au Pairs
  • Mediation, rematch and emergency bed if necessary (after 6 weeks in placement)
  • We also run an “Au Pair of the month” award. Teachers, placement team or families are able to nominate the winners.

Wie denkst du über easy abroad?

Friendly with lots of information, willing to help, approachable, we love working with easy abroad.