Au Pair in Australien - Unsere Partneragentur Au Pair Family Australia

Unsere Partneragentur Au Pair Family Australia findet für euch eure Gastfamilie in Australien.

Seit Februar 2016 arbeitet easy abroad mit Au Pair Family Australia zusammen. In unserem heutigen Blogartikel möchten wir euch unsere Partneragentur vorstellen.  Gegründet wurde Au Pair Family 2015 von Kate Rogers. Bevor Kate ihre eigene Agentur gründete, arbeitete sie bereits 5 Jahre in der Au Pair Branche. Wir haben Kate ein paar Fragen gestellt, die sie uns offen beantwortet hat.

Wie kommst du in die Au Pair Branche?

I wanted to provide host families and au pairs with the information and support that is invaluable to ensuring that the au pair arrangement is a successful experience for everyone.  We have always had successful placements with au pairs and I wanted to share my knowledge and understanding of the program with other families. 

Was gefällt dir an deiner Arbeit am besten?

It is great to see the au pairs arriving in Australia – so excited about their upcoming adventure and wonderful to hear great feedback from families about how their au pair has really made a positive difference to their family life. 

Gibt es auch Schattenseiten?

Sometimes it doesn’t work out.  However, we always try to work with the au pair and the family to reconcile any differences. 

Was denkst du über deutsche Au Pairs?

German au pairs have a great reputation in Australia as excellent au pairs.  They are hardworking and reliable and fit into family life in Australia very well.

Was macht eine gute Au Pair Bewerbung aus?

Applications that succeed show the family that the au pair is interested in children, has experience caring for children (particularly babysitting experience is very valuable); has a reasonable level of English, has a drivers licence (most au pairs are required to drive), can contribute to the household i.e. cook simple meals, assist with light chores and that they are open to join a new family. It is also important to understand that children can be difficult sometimes! Also telling the family what you would like to do after you return home gives the family an idea of your aspirations in life.  

Was bietet ihr easy abroad Bewerbern?

Meet them if they arrive in Melbourne, otherwise communicate with them on arrival.  Provide a welcome pack which assists with opening a bank account and Australian SIM card and obtaining the Working with Children Check and also some information about Australian life.  Access to au pair network so they can meet friends.  There is also the option of the orientation program in Melbourne.  Help if the placement is not working out.

Was denkst du über easy abroad?

Isabel is very professional in her management of the au pair program and I am looking forward to working with an agency that takes great care in their au pair placements.