Au Pair in Schottland - Unsere Partneragentur Au Pair Ecosse

Au Pair Ecosse findet für euch eure Gastfamilien in Schottland.

Heute stellen wir euch unsere Partneragentur in Schottland vor: Au Pair Ecosse. Wir haben Ruth von Au Pair Ecosse ein paar Fragen gestellt, und sie hat sich sehr viel Zeit genommen uns diese zu beantworten.

Wann hast du deine Agentur gegründet?

I started my agency in December 2004. Before that I had 13 years working as a research biologist working on fish vaccine development. It took a couple of years to get my agency known in Scotland and to build partnerships with sending agents in Europe. It is necessary to build up trust so that the sending agent knows that their au pair will be well looked after and helped if there is any problem and it takes time for families to learn about your agency. Many of the families who contact me now do so because their friends have recommended my agency. If they are good host families then the chances are their friends will be too. It has taken several years for this ‘snowball’ effect to happen.

Wie kommst du in die Au Pair Branche?

After 13 years of more or less continuous scientific contracts where I was never sure where the next lot of funding was coming from, I wanted to do something where I was in charge, that would give me more flexibility and allow me to work from home. My daughters wanted to do a gap year as au pairs in France and I couldn't find an agency in Scotland who was interested in sending them and the three that I contacted didn't return my emails or calls so I felt I could do a better job. They all disappeared within a year of me setting up my agency and now I am the main agency in Scotland.

Was gefällt dir an deiner Arbeit am besten?

I really like meeting young people from other countries and finding out what they think about Scotland. It's very satisfying to see young people finding their feet, growing up and growing in self-confidence. I have met a lot of interesting people since I started my agency.

Gibt es auch Schattenseiten?

I have to work hard to persuade au pairs to consider Scotland as a destination. Too many are only interested in going to London so I try to make sure that the au pairs have the best possible experience while they are here, organising social events, helping with networking etc. This means that I work very long hours for most of the year and there is always something more to do. Working with people can also be frustrating. If a match doesn't work we have to work out why not, but the feedback we get from the au pair never seems to match that from the family and we have to determine where the truth lies. I usually try to take the side of the au pair - they are far from home and away from family and if they're not happy within the host family they can become quite miserable.

Was macht dir am meisten Spaß?

Hosting au pair events is fun - we occasionally have a fondue night at my home for example and I have taken a group of au pairs to cycle round one of the little islands off the west coast of Scotland with a picnic en route. We are at the mercy of the Scottish weather for this one so planning that sort of event can be difficult. I also take groups of au pairs to ceilidhs - these are nights of traditional Scottish dancing were the au pairs learn to do our dances. The dancing is very energetic and really good fun and some of the au pairs will go to every ceilidh they can find once they have been introduced to this sort of social event.

Wie werden easy abroad Bewerber mit dir in Kontakt stehen?

When the au pairs arrive they receive a welcome pack with a list of email contacts for all the local girls/boys, with the best initial contacts starred. They also receive my agency handbook with advice about being an au pair and information from previous au pairs about the best pubs and clubs in the area, what they should see while they are in Scotland and so on. They will also receive advice about the best English classes in the area and we supply a free Sim card for their mobile phones with £5 credit on it. We send out a newsletter every couple of weeks with information about events going on in Scotland and an updated contact list for the whole of the country, flagging up new arrivals and encouraging the au pairs to contact them. We also have four ‘au pair ambassadors’ in Scotland who run Facebook pages and social events for the au pairs, such as tenpin bowling, visits to Highland games, pub lunches and so on.

Was denkst du über deutsche Au Pairs?

I am very impressed with the German school system - it seems to produce young people who not only speak good English but speak it with confidence, not afraid to make mistakes. On the whole I think German au pairs are mature and seem to understand what the au pair programme is about and what the family will expect of them. They seem to be more open to our culture than other nationalities and most comment that they find us friendly and easy-going. I have had several German au pairs decide to study at University in Scotland because they like our education system and find it to be very flexible and broad-based.

Was macht eine gute Au Pair Bewerbung aus?

When I receive an application I pull out the main points and add them to a summary list ie age, nationality, driving licence, smoker/non-smoker, age of children the au pair wants to look after. This gets sent to any family who is making an application. The more comprehensive the application form is the better, so if I can also add a few details to get some sort of picture of what the au pair is like that is a big help. The families are more likely to ask for the full file to look over if they can identify with the au pair is sporty/musical/interested in landscape and history or whatever.

Wie denkst du über easy abroad?

I enjoy working with Isabel and I think we have a good relationship. She responds to my emails very quickly and I try to do the same for her. She lets me know when her applicants find a placement and is always efficient and honest - this cannot be said of all agencies! She seems to attract good applicants and if there is a problem we try to solve it together.