Au Pair in England - Unsere Partneragentur Heavenly Au Pairs

Heavenly Au Pairs findet für euch eure Gastfamilien in England.

Heute stellen wir euch unsere Partneragentur Heavenly Au Pairs vor. Zusammen mit Heavenly Au Pairs suchen wir die richtige Gastfamilie für euch in England. Heavenly Au Pairs hat sein Büro in London und wurde 2008 von Gill Buhler gegründet. Die Agentur ist Mitglied der BAPAA und IAPA und zählt zu den größeren Agenturen in England. Wir haben Gill ein paar Fragen gestellt, die sie uns offen beantwortet hat.

Wann hast du deine Agentur gegründet und wie kamst du in den Bereich Au Pair Vermittlung?

I founded Heavenly Au Pairs in 2008. My friends and I all had young children at the time and many people were looking for au pairs and nannies. As I seemed to be particularly lucky with the au pairs I found for my own family, friends asked me to help them find au pairs too. First of all I was just helping friends and then friends of friends, and very quickly the business and the agency grew. We are based in London and we have thousands of London families who love hosting au pairs and for many au pairs they really want to come and spend 6-12 months living in a nice home in London. From London it is also easy to explore the rest of the UK. 

I love the au pair programme – it is amazing for families (parents and children) and for the au pairs. It is a safe and cheap (you get paid!) way to do a gap year or year out and living with a family means you are submersed in the culture (and language) in a way which cannot happen if you do not live with a native family and share in their work and leisure life. I have always felt strongly that an au pair should be treated as an au pair, someone who is to be treated like a member of the family and who is on a cultural exchange programme; it should not be seen as a job or like a nanny or domestic staff. Au pair placements are fabulous for both family and au pair when they understand that it is based on a cultural exchange and understand each other’s motivation.

Was magst du an deiner Arbeit besonders?

We simply love making happy placements! When the family adores the au pair and the au pair adores the family and they spend a successful year together and stay in touch and still visit each other in future years to come. That makes us feel very happy and proud!

Gibt es auch Herausforderungen in deinem Job?

It can be difficult when the au pair or the family has not really understood what the au pair programme is about. This can lead to difficulties. Sometimes we can still manage to make a success out of those placements, but in the worst case we need to look for a replacement. 

Was macht dir am meisten Spaß in deinem Job?

We love the social events, events organised by BAPAA or by Heavenly, when we get to meet the au pairs we have spoken to and placed, in person. We also love our team parties, there are 6 of us in the agency (everyone has been an au pair themselves!) and we have a good time working together, everyone is very passionate about the au pair programme. 

Was gefällt dir an deutschen Au Pair Bewerbern?

We love German au pairs!! I (Gill) am half German myself and always chooses German au pairs for my own family. We find that there are actually many similarities between German culture and British culture, which makes living together slightly easier than with extremely different cultures. We also find the German au pairs normally have a good amount of experience (for an au pair) of looking after children. Furthermore, they have learned to speak a good standard of English before they even come to the UK, which makes it easier to find their way around Britain and to make friends when they are here. 

Was macht eine gute Au Pair Bewerbung aus?

Someone who has had a good amount of experience with children, either through teaching sports to children, or helping at summer camps or babysitting, or tutoring, or looking after children after school. Someone who is mature and independent in their approach to life; this person will embrace the experience of being away from home and make the most of their opportunity abroad. Au pairs who can demonstrate that they have previously had positions of responsibility where they have been in charge of something, or been elected to lead. Candidates who have an interest in sports, or crafts or music will often find they can bond faster with the host children, using these skills. Sometimes an au pair can teach the children something new and that’s particularly exciting for the family. People with a resilient and happy personality who will not worry too much during the more difficult days and make the most out of their time abroad, will tend to have a very good placement.

Was bietet ihr den Au Pairs die über euch vermittelt werden?

We speak to the au pairs before they speak to our families and we are in contact with the au pairs after they have chosen to go to one of our amazing host families. We also get in touch with the au pairs as soon as they arrive in the UK to make sure they are ok and happy and to send them a wealth of information about settling into life in the UK. We invite them to social events arranged by BAPAA or by Heavenly and make sure they receive our regular newsletters with information about events taking place which might be of interest to them and give them discounts on popular attractions. We put all our au pairs in touch with each other and also make sure they can connect to other au pairs in their area or of the same nationality, to make friends. We can also help with questions about local language schools. Because everyone in the team has personal experience of being an au pair themselves and years of professional experience of au pair placements the au pairs we help to place will always receive the best advice and service.

If anyone has any problem they can always speak to us and we will always do our utmost to help. Serious problems are thankfully extremely rare, when you choose to do your au pair placement through an agency, who checks the families and makes sure the families know the ‘rules’ of the au pair programme.


Was denkst du über easy abroad?

easy abroad is great! Isabel really takes care to look after her au pairs properly both before and after the placement start date. She is very diligent and it is clear that she cares about her au pairs very much and is genuinely excited about the amazing adventures they embark on through her agency. We look forward to many more years of happy collaboration together with easy abroad.