Au Pair in Irland - Unsere Partneragentur Au Pair Study Agency Team

Au Pair Study Agency Team findet für euch eure Gastfamilien in Irland.

Heute stellen wir euch unsere Partneragentur aus Irland vor: Au Pair Study Agency Team. Die Agentur wurde ursprünglich 1990 gegründet, befindet sich seit 2016 im Besitz von Geraldine Bustamante. Geraldine war selbst als Au Pair in Dublin und ergriff nach ihrem Aufenthalt die Chance die Agentur zu übernehmen und weiterzuführen. Wir haben Geraldine ein paar Fragen gestellt, die sie uns offen beantwortet hat.

Wann hast du deine Agentur gegründet und wie kamst du in den Bereich Au Pair Vermittlung?

The Au Pair Study Agency has been established since 1990, we have over 20 years experience in placing au pairs all over the world. However, in April 2016 I started to work with this agency. In July  2016 I took over the company and I started to work very hard to keep high standards that they have been for over 20 years.


I worked as an aupair when I came to Dubin in 2015, therefore I think it is a very good experiencie that every person must do. Children remind you to be a child again. Also every goals that you thought you could not achieve, they teach you everything is posible if you propose to do.

Was magst du an deiner Arbeit besonders?

As a professional, I really love to help out people to find the right person. It is not a regular job as we work with people and we help them to feel comfortable  and confident with the host families in addition to discover a new culture.

Gibt es auch Herausforderungen in deinem Job?

As the company works as a connection between host families and au pairs, I find it difficult when one side or both of them have an issue or an uncomfortable  situation. I have to run fast and help them to find the most right and quick solution.

Was macht dir am meisten Spaß in deinem Job?

Travelling and meeting people from all over the world and having new adventures with them. I experienced new cultures,  tasted new food, visited amazing places and so on!

Was gefällt dir an deutschen Au Pair Bewerbern?

Overall I have the opinion that the German Au pairs are highly responsible, confident, organized as well and they  have a very good standard level of English language.

Was macht eine gute Au Pair Bewerbung aus?

I always read "the Dear Family Letter” on the au pair application. When I realize they are focused about having the experience as an Au pair because they love children and they want to learn with them, besides spend the most time playing and looking after them, I already know that is a very good profile and in this case it usually takes just few days to match them with a very nice host family.

Was bietet ihr den Au Pairs die über euch vermittelt werden?

We will become their connection agency in Ireland, we will be in touch before and during their stay in the country. Besides, during their time here we will provide them with an emergency contact  number and a location list with other au pairs in Ireland. Therefore they can be in touch and help each other as well as make friends here.

Was denkst du über easy abroad?

In general I think it is a very special agency that found us in the right time, because we were looking for a suitable  German agency for a few months now, and we hope to be a very good partner for a long time.

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