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Perfect Au Pairs Australia findet für euch eure Gastfamilien in Australien.

Au Pair in Australien

Heute stellen wir euch unsere Partneragentur Perfect Au Pairs Australia vor. Zusammen mit Perfect Au Pairs Australia suchen wir die richtige Gastfamilie für euch in Australien. Perfect Au Pairs Australia hat sein Büro in Sydney und wurde 2014 von Melissa Finlayson gegründet. Die Agentur ist Mitglied der CAPAA (Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia) und IAPA (International Au Pair Association). Wir haben Melissa ein paar Fragen gestellt, die sie uns offen beantwortet hat.

Wann hast du deine Agentur gegründet und wie kamst du in den Bereich Au Pair Vermittlung?

I founded it in 2014 in May with the concept and starting operating etc in January 2015.  I was a working full time mother and I found finding childcare for my son very challenging, I then discovered au pairs and used an agency that I felt gave me no support or my au pair support, no guidance nor did they check references or screen properly and charged a fortune! I thought I could do this myself and so I started the concept when I was on maternity leave.

Was magst du an deiner Arbeit besonders?

I love the fulfilment out of hearing young people and families having a really wonderful experience and hearing the joy that having an au pair has turned their life around. Also I love to see the adventures and bonds that au pairs have and form with the children and host families.

Gibt es auch Herausforderungen in deinem Job?

When things don’t work as planned or when families or candidates have unrealistic expectations around the program. I try to advise families that au pairs are  young people here for a cultural exchange, they aren’t domestic workers or Nannies but young people who have an interest in children and would like to experience family life in Australia.

Was macht dir am meisten Spaß in deinem Job?

Getting together with the au pairs at the gatherings! I love this, as I meet them and they love to tell me their adventures and I really like that!

Was gefällt dir an deutschen Au Pair Bewerbern?

They are very risk adverse, organised and work hard!

Was macht eine gute Au Pair Bewerbung aus?

I find au pairs that have had a job, have lived abroad before or done volunteer work are good applicants, also applicants who are really interested in children, have good life skills and shows initiative of some sort do well.

Was bietet ihr den Au Pairs die über euch vermittelt werden?

We provide a great social program for the au pairs, have on ground support, closed facebook group to make friends easily, we have an excellent orientation program to help settle the au pairs into Australia and are always available to help with anything they need in Australia.

Was denkst du über easy abroad?

I like the fact you are passionate about what you do, you are a small business and run it yourself, I find the large organisations tend to care not as passionate about what they do!