Erfahrungsbericht - Annas Au Pair Zeit in Irland

Anna verbrachte 10 Monate als Au Pair in Irland und teilt ihre Erfahrungen mit euch.

Au Pair in Irland

Hey there!


My name is Anna I went to Ireland in September 2017 looking forward to spend 11 month in Trim, Co. Meath. All I knew to that stage was, I am moving into a town with castle and I will be looking after the 5-year-old twins Liam and Daniel.


To be honest, I had a rough time in the beginning and I wasn’t absolutely happy looking after the boys, even though Isabel checked always on me. It got better, a lot, and now I am just a 100% happy I went through this year, making such a great experience I will never forget. And all the moments you collected is just amazing!


My boys are so funny little monkeys and spending time outside, going for a picnic in a 800 year old abbey, feeding the donkeys, seeing how they’re able to ride their bikes without stabilisers is such an honour. Oh, and I was the one, who brought into a pub for their first time (Don’t worry they only drank 7up!)


In these eleven month I found a family who always had my back, helped to apply for college over here, I met incredible people and made an unbelievable number of friends, so now I feel as a part of the Dempsey family and of Trim itself!


It is normal to have hard days but on the other hand this is a time in your and the kids’ lives you will never get back, so lean back and enjoy!


All the best,